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If you want to manifest the life of your dreams...

You must start controlling your thoughts today!

Reprogram your subconscious in days w/ a Clicker!

5 Trainings to show you how to get more...

Bring your meditation w/ you
all day!
Control your reactions to triggering people.
Get rid of
& limiting beliefs
Create abundance w/ this mindset
Learn the mindset for restored health

(even when you are being triggered!)

Get instant access FREE:

3 Tips to Showing up Patient and Loving...

Loving Child

with your loved ones!

(even when you are being triggered!)

Get instant access FREE:

3 Tips to Showing up Patient and Loving...

Loving Child

with your loved ones!

Yes! Please help me control my reactions

Imagine, if you could repeatedly remind yourself... to respond with patience and kindness... 

How much easier would your life get?!

Life-Changing Trainings

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You CAN stay peaceful around triggering people

& create massive abundance and great health! 

You just have to learn how to direct your thoughts!

What you think... you attract!

So stop thinking about negative people & experiences.

If you want to manifest the life of your dreams... start ONLY thinking about creating that dream. 


The clicker will help you stay focussed. Your brain will do the rest. Allow me to show you how...

Yes! I'm ready to Master my Life!

a free consultation today!

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Are you struggling w/ your health? You're not alone! Allow us to design a plan to help you...

Get Your Health Back!

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After 10 years of battling with Type 1 Diabetes, I knew I needed to make some changes. I signed up and completed a Master’s in Environmental Management from Harvard and a PhD in Holistic Nutrition. I was blown away by the rapid improvements in my health after implementing the nutrition changes I learned about.

Within just a few days my energy returned, I began losing the extra weight I had gained, and my insatiable food cravings and moodiness disappeared!

I was so excited that I made it my goal to interview as many experts in health as I could! And hence,                                        was born! Fast forward 3 years and I joined forces with my Mama, Dr. Sara Siso, who completed the PhD in Holistic Health with me and had been helping people heal themselves of cancer and all sorts of issues ever since. Together, we look forward to sharing with you all that we learn so you can transform our health as well!

Dr.Nikki Talks Health

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What is your single biggest health challenge?

Dr. Sara Siso and I are going live on Instagram every Sunday at 5PM

to answer your health questions

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